Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slow and Easy

This week I only lost .2 at my weigh in. I wasn't eating near what I should have been in my points though. No one throw stones, but I was eating way under. The day of my son's party I had 9 points left in the day. I was just so busy all week and especially at the party that I wasn't hungry and didn't think of eating. Until I did, it was late at night and I wasn't catching up on points then. So I think my body just kind of shut down a bit for the week in the losing. That's OK. I hope to get back on track in the next week. I can't complain about being down 123.6.

I also was able to swim today which I absolutely LOVE. My 10 yr old neighbor was my buddy for the day and I even talked her into doing water aerobics. We had a great time and laughed lots which we usually do when together. I must admit though...she tired me out! LOL

Haven't done a whole lot this week. I'm still recovering from the party. Spending some quiet time just regrouping and now summer has actually arrived for me and I get to RELAX! Will do some scrapping and card making I'm sure....but not on the really beautiful days. On those days, you'll find me in the pool.

Hope you're finding that thing that makes YOU happy!

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