Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week in Review

Remember that show that was on called Week in Review? I remember having to watch it for extra credit points for my History class my senior year of high school.

So what a week it's been! From all the excitement of graduation, a new car, and then Friday we spent the day at Kennywood (see tourist label on side if you don't know what this is) and then the weekend found me down and out sick. Saturday I went and watched Kari's dance recital. Gotta tell you....I was so dang proud of her Mom too for dancing the Mom's dance. A year ago neither of us were doing the things we are doing now and she did FABULOUS!

Sunday I was to walk with my WW 5k team but had to cancel. I just felt downright lousy. Monday I called off work and finally called the doctor. Good thing too since I have an ear infection. I don't have much of a voice either. With having asthma colds usually hit me very hard. Unfortunately, today I'm feeling the side effects of the antibiotic and think I'm going to need to call the doctor again tomorrow for a change since it's making me sick.

Some real pluses to the week though were that while home yesterday, I had time to spend on the web poking around and I found Miggins site and saw her terrific scripts. Well, she had a call out for script testers and since I love 'em and will have lots of free time soon with work finishing up for summer, I volunteered and happily she accepted. WOOHOO! Check out her site: http://migginsplace.blogspot.com/
I also had time to play some games for Limelight's anniversary and hope I have some good luck with those.
Excitedly this morning I read Sugar Nellie's blog to find that I've been chosen to receive one of Diane Duda's new stamps that will be released soon and I'll be able to play with it in advance and post my cards. I'm SO excited about this. I just love Diane's work. Check it out here:http://dudadaze.blogspot.com/

The real plus then was to go to Weight Watchers tonight and I've lost 3.4 in the last 2 weeks. Remember, I missed last week. That makes 116.8 and I'm excited about that. Wish I'd felt better to hear more of what people keep on hand for when hungry but I'm pretty good at knowing what is working for me. I'm a big believer in not preaching to others because I do what works for ME and that's all that matters. I can listen to what others do and take it in, but it has to work for me. My determination is what keeps me focused. Missed you though Steve! Hope to see you soon.

Whew....I think I remembered it all! OH WAIT! I forgot....my son was accepted to WCCC on Saturday. For a kid I never thought would be interested in college, I'm excited for him to have made this decision. He also has a lead on a construction job so we'll see where life takes him now.

Hope YOUR life is going well!

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