Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Together

Yesterday was one of those days that I have to tell you was about perfect in all ways. Started the day off with a phone call from Judi from Alaska telling me what a wonderful time they are having and how beautiful all the scenery is. (later had a call from Hollee telling me they finally saw a was following them and a car beeping furiously threw it off course .....thank goodness!) Then I was sipping my coffee when I received a text from my niece telling me to come to my parents. Another one of my sisters was there with her hubby. I haven't seen them in 2 1/2 years! So I spent the afternoon there. My youngest sister also came to visit so all 4 of us girls were there and had my niece take pictures of the 4 of us together and then with my parents. Can't wait to see those pictures. Then the NC sister came over with her hubby to see my hubby who had just arrived home from golfing. They spent the evening here with my niece and as they were ready to leave, 2 of my aunts and an uncle came to visit. I'll probably catch all hell from my Mom today since I'd called my aunt, but she just told me the day before how much she missed seeing that sister.

I am ALL about my family and I really treasure all those moments we spend together visiting. It was just the perfect day for me.

Off to see what today will bring. Hope YOUR weekend is going well. (OH, and the wedding on Friday was just fabulous! Beautiful, beaming bride and groom) :-)

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