Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Yesterday was an extremely productive day for me. I cleaned my house. More importantly, I emptied my closet of all the clothes that no longer fit. I also went into my laundry room and went through all those clothes in piles. Right now we've bagged 11 bags! And they aren't all in bags yet. I've been dreading this job for a long time. Not because I think I'll gain back the weight but because it overwhelmed me. However, just like losing weight, once I make up my mind, I'm determined! The ladies at my sisters work are going to go through all the clothes and see if they want/need anything. I have to say that I had a lot of really nice clothes. I'm also going to need a lot of clothes to go back to work next month.

Today my cousin Karrie marries Rob. They make an awesome couple and he really fits into our family so I'm very happy for them. I have my new dress all ready. :-)

The biggest smile was put on my face though when I found out last night that my sister and niece are coming in tonight from Indy. YAY! This is the weekend we'd typically be heading out to their house so all the guys could go to the Nascar race but with the wedding we couldn't go this year. So as my niece couldn't come to us so we're coming to you! The girls usually shop the whole weekend so I'm hoping on dragging them to some places I want to go but haven't made it to yet. What better reason now that I've cleaned out my closet? LOL

ENJOY your weekend! Do something that makes YOU smile :-)

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