Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Blah

Lately I've just not been feeling well. The other day my leg cramped in 2 different places. When I mentioned to someone at work that my leg was hurting, she mentioned maybe I was low on potassium. The light bulb went on! This is exactly how I felt when my potassium level went low last summer. I was going weekly for blood work then. So since I had a script to get my blood work done, off I went yesterday to have it done. I'm hoping that I can call the doctors on Monday and find out if this is the culprit. It will just mean increasing my potassium pills that I already take. I'd attributed being constantly tired to going back to work but the more I've thought about it, this feels like more. So we'll see what turns out. Until then I just keep pushing ahead.
OH, and if anyone has any cute, easy baby shower ideas, please feel free to share them. I'm going to be quite busy in the month and a half ahead in planning one and could use some help with any ideas you've done or seen that would help me out.
THANKS! ENJOY your weekend. Crappy weather here but at least it's now quiet from all the military flights flying constantly overhead (the G-20 Conference was held in Pittsburgh the past 2 days and we must have been on the flight path because we saw an incredibly high amount of military helicopters and planes flying over.)

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HOpe you feel better, Denise. Your blog looks cute and festive!