Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding some Inspiration

Tonight coming home from WW, on the sign at the Community Methodist Church it said...Saying it isn't doing it. I've thought about that all evening and what it meant to me. This week I gained .6 which I had a feeling I was up even though I stayed on plan. I just could tell. With going back to work, I'm tired and not doing much in the evenings. I need to get myself moving in all ways. So saying it isn't enough....I've got to DO it. So I'm challenging myself this week to MOVE MORE and Kelly would say. (See Kelly, I do listen...lol) I've also got to make more of an effort to eat all my daily requirements. We've not been cooking full meals most evenings because I am tired and with our son working, neither of us care whether we have the "full meal." So those are my 2 goals this week. We'll see how it goes. But you can't do something you don't try.

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