Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween to everyone! As per the usual, it's been crazy busy here lately. I went to a Copics marker class last Saturday and haven't found the time to take pictures of the 4 cards we made so I can post them. I learned a ton though and really enjoyed the class. 4 projects made it a bit rushed however. I'm glad I went and today I stopped back in the store since they were having 25% off and bought myself 9 markers. I couldn't resist.

Lost 1 pound this past week at WW. I visit the doctor this next week coming up and I know she'll be thrilled with my loss. I think I'm getting to the point of putting an actual number on my goal. The thought scares the pants off me though because all along I've only had a goal to keep losing and I'm terrified that putting an actual number on it will bring everything to a standstill. We'll see what she says on Tuesday.

Started the favors for the baby shower. 3 weeks and I think I should start panic mode since there is still so much to do. The favors look darling though.

How was YOUR week?

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Diane Duda said...

Hi Denise. The angels you asked about are in my shop.
Glad you had a Happy Halloween. We did too...except for the Pens loss. :(
We went to Joe Grushecky's cd release party and had big fun.