Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moving Along but yet Slowed Pace

This was a good losing week. 1.8 pounds. Yay! All stress. LOL I went to the doctor on Tuesday and we had a long discussion about it and I've now set a goal weight. One that will be reasonable for me to attain yet will allow for me to lose more if possible to really be where I want to be. Make sense? I'm not going to say numbers because it hasn't been about numbers all along, only losing. I've now lost over 143 pounds. Hubby and I went this past weekend so I could get ring guards put in my rings so I don't lose them. When I first started WW, I hadn't worn my wedding rings for 10 years. Plus over the weekend, I wanted a belt for my jeans that were a little big, and here my belt doesn't fit anymore. LOL
While I was at the doctor I also told her how the night before when I was battling a migraine, I moved my arm and felt immense pain as something popped. She felt around and feels a tendon popped out then back in. However, I did go for an xray on the shoulder yesterday. She also gave me pain meds which are playing havoc with my stomach but if I take every 4 hrs instead of 6, I can stay ahead of the pain for the most part. So I guess it's a trade off. I'll call her tomorrow to see what the xray showed.
We've had my son's girlfriend living with us for a few days this week. While she's back home now, I look for very soon her to be moving in here with us. I told her this time it won't be for just a few days. It's just less stressful for us all if she's here.
So my life is full of chaos. The baby shower is in 2 weeks and here I am with a messed up stomach and a bum arm.
Positive thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.

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