Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scale Wins

To quote Biggest Loser tonight.....sometimes you get the scale and sometimes the scale gets you. Well, the scale won this week. I gained back the 1.8 that I took off last week. I did nothing different but being on pain meds and the added stress in my life don't help. We moved Amy in Sunday evening for a permanent basis. Making all our schedules work and getting everyone to work, school and appointments is taking some getting used to. Thankfully, this weekend I will be going away to go to a weekend scrap. It's close but my youngest sister and I decided to stay overnight this time. As much as I have to do for the baby shower, I need to get-a-way for a bit.

I wanted to also recognize that tonight my dear leader, Kelly recognized her team of Debbie and Winnie since they were all honored at their annual celebrations event for my loss of 100 pounds. She didn't want recognized for her accomplishment also but see, she told me in email and I LOVE sharing what a fabulous leader she is! She became a diamond leader for the 2nd year in a row! WOOT! Go Kelly, Debbie and Winnie! You ladies sure are a winning team and I'm glad you received the recognition you deserve. Thanks ladies!

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