Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Times

It's been pretty crazy at my house this week. The baby shower is tomorrow and every night we've been running getting things and taking care of other things that need done. Today will be extremely busy as I have last minute pick ups to do, cleaning, wrapping and decorating to complete. WHEW!

Great news was I lost 3.4 at weigh in on Tuesday which makes a total of 145. WOOHOO! I was astonished when Winnie said the amount. Is it easy every day? Certainly not. It's a decision I have to make every single day all day. At this time of the year did you ever notice how many samples are lying around in stores? How many times I'd like to pick up that one piece. But the problem is, my points now are precious to me and one bite is going to be at least 1 point and it's certainly not going to fill me up. So I've avoided falling into that trap. It's all about decisions. My focus remains. I WANT to hit goal weight. Amy made the comment last night that then I can eat whatever and will gain it back. I quickly assured her I was NOT letting that happen. I've worked way too hard on losing this weight to do that. I know it will be a completely new struggle then. Heck, I'm a food addict and I admit it. I will always have food issues. But I've also made the decision to not let it rule my life. I am in control not the food!

One last quick note. I went this past Monday evening to a SU camp offered by a demo new to me. She's SO talented and her projects and cards are all just fabulous. I'm extremely excited to have found someone local to attend their demos. In fact, I need to email Kim and let her know I'm coming for her December dates.

Life is good. I have MANY blessings in my life each day. A challenge one of my friends posted on Facebook, was to every day this month post what you are thankful for and to this date, I've not had a problem doing that. In fact, it's more a problem narrowing down what I want to say for that day. I continue to be blessed every day with my friends, family and the love they shower on me daily. What more could a girl ask for? Take a little time today to be thankful. It's amazing what it can do for your soul in recognizing it.

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