Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A LONG day

Today shortly after 11 a.m. my son texted me to tell me he and Amy were on the way to the hospital. He'd taken her to her doctor appointment and told them of the cramping she's been having so the doctor examined her and sent her off to be monitored. When I found them on the labor and delivery floor, they were hooking up the baby monitor and another monitor to measure if she was having contractions. The nurses were wonderful at telling us what was happening. After they let her eat, told us she wasn't having contractions and then the results came back from a test they'd done before I got there that she wasn't going to go into labor in the next few weeks. The nurse explained that this test can measure somehow whether you will or not. So we were all very relieved and appreciated the prayers of the friends we had told. I promptly came home and fell asleep exhausted. Woke up in time to go to Weight Watchers where I lost another 2 pounds this past week. YAY! That's 147 now. It's been a very long evening tonight but we're thankful to be spending it here at home and not at the hospital. With Thanksgiving just days away, we can't think of anything we have to be more thankful for than our family and friends. Thank YOU for being a real blessing in my life even if you just stop in to read occasionally and don't comment.


Loopylou!! said...

oh i am so pleased amy is ok and not about to go into labour and very well done on your 2lbs loss hunny xxx

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, I just saw this today! I hope all is still well with the baby! And I trust you had a wonderful day yesterday! TFS