Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just quick

Gained .4 this week. Kelly made an excellent point though in our meeting....did you ever follow the plan just as you are supposed to and come in and have gained? My answer is YES. Every time I've gained I say that. It's also true since I don't vary from the plan at all. She also told someone that everyone has to do what works for them. This works for me. Following it to a T and not cheating. I know my weaknesses better than anyone and it's food so I can't all. Not even one bite. But it's OK since I'm not feeling deprived. Yes, there are foods I'd love to eat or that smell exceptionally good but once I think of all the points they'd thanks. So I gained this past week....stress will do that to me too.
It's exceptionally busy here as I'm deep in the throes of Christmas shopping. Hubby and I accomplished a lot last night and I hope to get close to finishing today once he's off work.

Wish I could find my cards from my Copic class and my SU camp to share....maybe later.
ENJOY your weekend and do what works for you!

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