Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pick Up

Let me start by saying a special thank you to Melissa, Jessica and Tara. I've always said I don't blog to impress anyone else but for myself. However, over the weekend when I needed that little pick up the 3 of you really recognized that and left words of encouragement that I can't tell you how much they touched me. It meant a lot and put a smile on my face.
These last 17 pounds seem to be the hardest. Yes, I've always heard the ones at the end are the hardest. I've also had those down and up weeks along the way so I know now to get discouraged. Yet, I was discouraged. I can't pinpoint the reason. I do attribute a lot of it to the fact that I'm not exercising and can't be outside walking. I hate the snow and cold. Someone at our mtg last night told me how he and his wife had gone to a state park over the weekend and gone hiking and how much fun it was. When it's below 0 wind chill, that's not fun to me. I'm a warm weather kind of girl. LOL
I lost .6 this week. Considering I'd gotten on the scale on the morning and was up 3 pounds, I was quite happy. I don't weigh daily and never had. I never wanted it to be about those numbers.
My anxiety is growing. Amy had a sonogram on Friday and they determined that the baby is on the large side(between 8-9 pounds) so they are going to schedule a c-section before her due date of Feb. 1st. She's also now on insulin 3 times a day since she's developed gestational diabetes. We do have all the baby clothes washed and everything bought we think they will need at the beginning. We have to get the crib up which will get done by the weekend. It's hard to believe it's already so close. She goes tomorrow to begin monitoring at the hospital twice a week to make sure the baby isn't ready to come or else they will do the c-section right away. Amy's at work now for her last day. Is it all really that close? LOL
Just in closing a BIG shout out to Tara for making her goal weight. WOOT! Way to go, girl!
Thanks for stopping by and reading even if you don't comment (I do it many blogs and never comment) and please.....keep us all in your prayers in the next few weeks. Thanks


Jessica said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little perkier! I couldn't go out in that weather either! The weather will break, and you'll be out walking again...
Isn't waiting for a baby nerve wracking and excitig at the same time! I hope all goes well!

Tara said...

It is my absolute pleasure. Sounds far too cold for me to go out and walk, I like to be indoors and stay warm.

My thoughts are with you all with the baby, always strains the old nerves. At least she is in good hands.

What an exciting time for you all.