Saturday, February 27, 2010

New clothes

Even though this week showed a .8 weight gain, I'm trying hard to not be overly discouraged.  I know I'm not moving enough and my appetite has been through the roof.  However, I found great motivation today.  Amy and I took Emma shopping, and I bought some new jeans.  All week, if I wore jeans my coworkers were commenting about my jeans being too big.  Well, I'm extremely excited for 2 reasons.  One is I bought jeans 2 sizes smaller than I've been wearing.  Secondly, it's the size I've always dreamed of being.  A size 12.  Now if you're a size 3 person, you think oh my gosh is 12 big!  But for someone who started wearing a 26/28, a size 12 is a dream. One I've now achieved.  It makes me now believe that I will get to goal weight.  Because if I can achieve my dream of a size of pants, I can achieve my dream of hitting goal weight.  Stay tuned because it WILL come even if there are bumps in the road and even if I have weeks like this one where I gain weight.


Melissa S said...

Wow wow wow! I'm so happy that you your got into your dream size! I know you can get to your goal weight! Thanks for the wonderful comment about my card! Hubby will get it next week after he gets back from his TDY.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Dreams do come true at WW, it takes hard work, lots of determination, and understanding this is a lifestyle change for good, but worth it!!!
We are so ready to set off your fireworks, which you so deserve!! Hang in there spring is just around the corner!!!Hugs, Kelly