Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Off Work

Didn't have school yesterday or today. Now they are calling for 6-15 more inches of snow today into tomorrow. Hasn't started yet, but if it does as predicted I won't be going to weigh in tonight at WW. I'm on a double dose of steroids for my hurt arm (went to dr on Friday and she thinks I have tendinitis) and since weight gain is a side effect, every day I've been jumping on the scale hoping not to have gained. UGH...just went and checked since I hadn't today and I am up today! The snow has also begun! BLAH!
So instead here is my favorite princess. :-)

Daddy and Emma taking a nap :-)

Amy's family came to visit on Sunday. Pappy is holding her with Grammy also on the couch. Uncle Zach is there on the corner. He still won't hold her.

Emma getting her 1st bottle ever (was Mommy's milk since Grandma and Pap were babysitting)

Mommy, Daddy and Emma after they arrived home from celebrating their 1st anniversary.

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