Saturday, February 6, 2010


LOVE this bright outfit. She's in her rocker chair...quite content :-)

Mommy and Emma adoring one another. Amy is a very good Mom

The Naturally Sweet Emma...even her shirt says so :-)

Buddy shoveling ...he loves snow! BLECH!

That "bubble" is Zach's car. Our front hedges are almost even with the snow.

I know our pool is under there! And no, it's not an inground one

The deck for the pool. Look how the snow is higher than the swing.

From our back porch. I've looking at our neighbors tree.
Can't read the penguin to see how much snow we have.

We've got probably close to 24 inches of snow and are in a state of emergency. Here's some pics I took a bit ago...and of course, of our sweet Emma also. :-)


Melissa S said...

Love the new pics of Emma!! Both my girls had chairs like that and the younger one lived in here. It was the only place she would sleep!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful little girl!
Holy cow...look at that snow. I grew up just north of PGH, and I only remember 1 year when the snow was so deep! I don't miss it at all! I hope your cold snap comes to an end soon.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey. Thinking of you and though I'd leave a message. I need to come over & see my niece soon! Stay warm.

Joni said...

Can't believe all that snow Denise! WOW...up here in the great white north in south-eastern Ontario we have maybe a couple of inches if that! Luv the new pics of Emma!

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