Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunshine Award

Oh what a terrible blogger/friend I've been.  Melissa sent me this LONG time ago and I told her I'd pick it up and I'm just getting around to it now.  Sorry Melissa!  She's feeling a bit under the weather but hopefully now on the mend but stop over to her blog and see how creative she is! Playing With Paper

1. You must pass this award on to six (6) other bloggers/followers
2. Link your nominees within your post
3. Let your bloggers/followers know you are passing this award to them by leaving a comment on their blog
4. Add a link to the blog of the person from whom you received this award

So I'm passing this along to:
Barb for all her inspiration: Snowmanlover's Paperie
Tara for bring so many new things into my life through her blog: Magpie Club
Kimberly has a fantastic blog especially if you like making tags: Scrap Rebellion

Oops...hear a fussy baby so have to run....will do the rest later.
THANKS for being such great friends and stopping by.


Tara said...

Hey Denise, Thank you so much for the wonderful blog award, what an honour, I really appreciate it. It if funny, you write a blog, not really knowing if anyone is reading it or if they are reading it, if they find it interesting. So, it really means a lot. Thanks again, Tara xxx


OHHHHH thank YOU!!!