Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lost .2 last night which brings my total to 158.6.  Just inching toward my goal weight.  Considering it was a holiday though, I'll take it.
Last night we kicked off the Weight Watchers Walk Challenge.  Last year, we organized a team and walked in a 5k at Bushy Run.  This year I'll be on vacation then, I think.  Instead, WW is challenging it's members to walk a 5k.  They are having a date of June 6th for people to walk across the country.  I'm going to do some legwork and see if we might be able to walk at our local track that day as a group.  The only problem I foresee is that they will be resurfacing our track and field this summer and I don't know when they plan on starting.  So I'll need to make some calls.  I hope if you're local, you'll join us and if you're not, you'll find another event near you to participate in.  Since walking I feel SO much better.  I'm glad to see the beautiful weather so I can get out again.  The nice part about this WW challenge for me was the booklet we were given last night.  It tells if you are just beginning walking, how to train for a 5k to be able to walk for that long.  Since I'm just getting back to walking, I thought it would be a very good guideline and I'm challenging myself to follow it.  Not necessarily for the time allotments but for the walk/rest schedule.  I'm hoping that will motivate me to put more activity in my life.
The challenge is out there.  Are you ready to take it with me?

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