Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is my son's 19th birthday.  Happy birthday, Zach!  I love you more than words could ever say even when we fight tooth and nail because we're so alike.
We've had a very good day.  It's been an incredibly busy weekend.  Lots of shopping topped off with dinner out tonight and then family over for cake and ice cream.
One of the real highlights for me though was attending a SU demo meeting to see what it was like and if I had enough interest to join.  I was incredibly nervous about our card swap but wasn't there long and gave some of the girls a peek for them to all like what I'd done.  WHEW! LOL  I enjoyed the meeting immensely.  A lot of the other girls are all new so I felt it would be super place to also be learning.  The girls are so supportive of one another and give each other tons of positive feedback.  Just thinking about it again now brings a smile to my face.   They also are extremely willing to share business tips with one another.   So I've decided to go ahead and sign up as a hobby demo.  Tuesday is the day :-)
I'll have to get my camera out and take a picture of my card.  I'm thinking of starting a new blog just for all my Stampin' Up stuff so keep an eye out for that.
No Tuesday meeting for Weight Watchers this week.  The church has a function so we can't meet.  Am planning on attending a different mtg. on Wed. but we'll see how the week goes. LOTS to do this week as we get ready to leave Friday for a trip to Indy.  My nephew graduates from high school on Saturday morning and we will be there!  Staying only until Sunday since Zach has 2 parades Monday with the band.
Whew! I'm getting tired and haven't even started the week yet.  Thank goodness my house is clean and that's one less worry.
But it all works out and is all good.  Life is good.  VERY good!

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