Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last 5

Tonight at weigh in I lost another pound which now puts me exactly at needing to lose 5 pounds to hit my goal.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Another member summed it up for me when speaking of himself because I remember being where he is now.....it shows you CAN do it.  I remember sitting and listening to Donna and Debi and hearing that they'd lost 60 and 90 pounds and thinking to myself...Wow...people do this...and I will too.  They are the ones I looked to to be my inspiration so I could achieve what they had.  It's been almost 2 years but I sure hope to feel that accomplishment.  Has it been easy?  HECK NO!  In fact, this last 10 might be the hardest I've ever had to take off.  But my determination hasn't changed.  I remain focused on that goal.  We don't have our meeting next week so I'll have to go to another place.  I also bought another pedometer tonight since I could not find mine.  I'll begin wearing it again tomorrow.  I remember the first time I wore my 1st pedometer and I thought I moved but at the end of the day I was shocked to see like 200 steps.  WHOA.  Talk about a wake up call. 

But I'm here to put it in writing...5 pounds watch out....cause you are on your way OUT!  Afterall, Dairy Queen awaits :-)


Melissa S said...

Fantatic job!! Those last five pounds don't have a chance!!!!

Summer Loving Gal said...

Thanks, Melissa....I like to think they don't either! lol