Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going Down

Let me start with the end of last week.  I went to the doctor and she wants me to go see an orthopedic doctor for my shoulder and has scheduled me to have a MRI so that will be done.  She also took me off the medicine she'd prescribed because it wasn't helping the pain and it was leaving my feet and hands very swollen.  I can't get an appt with the ortho until June 7th.  UGH.  Instantly the next day I felt  relief from the swelling and knew I'd dropped some weight.  The scales were kind to me this week.  2.8  So I'm finally a pound down from where I was 3 weeks ago.  Such struggles!  No one said it would be easy.  At our meeting we talked about a few things but one was what do you do once you are within sight of your goal and the weight just doesn't seem to want to come off.  MANY get discouraged and quit.  I shared that I've not worked this hard for this long to not meet my goal and that's what motivates me to continue.  I WILL meet my goal no matter how long it takes me.  I've now lost 162 pounds with 6 to go to goal.  Someone suggested wearing their pedometer to make yourself aware of how many steps you are taking.  I sat at the meeting and made it my goal to find mine and put it on the next day.  Well, I failed at that goal.  As of today, I still can't find my pedometer.  I broke my initial one, but I'd bought a new one and worn it for a while.  So if I can't find it by Tuesday, I will buying a new one. 
I went today for my MRI.  I've had one before but had to have an open one because of my size.  Even then, I remember how embarrassed I was because I barely fit.  But I didn't do anything but eat some more.  So this time I had the closed one (I was glad it was over because I could feel the panic starting to set in) and the man said I could call the doctor in 3 days for results or if really need to know, the results would be done tomorrow morning that way I could "see what I was in for."  So I'm an admitted worrier and it's set in.  Double UGH.
The other part of our meeting the other night, we also discussed people who try to sabotage you and your efforts.  My husband has always been my biggest supporter.  At the beginning he even followed the plan himself casually to make it easier for me.  Tonight that came to a screeching halt!  My birthday is tomorrow and I said he could order a cake for family as long as I had some cake myself to have.  He ordered a fourth a sheetcake!  When I mentioned how cruel it was to have cake sitting around that I can't even eat, he laughed.  I however am NOT laughing.  He has a cake for me in the oven (after telling him 4 times it was just the cake mix and a can of diet pop....I was losing patience) that I'll have with fat free cool whip.  He won't win this one....I will.
One last note....I'm giving serious thought to becoming a hobby demo for Stampin Up.  Does anyone else do it this way or has considered it or tried it and could give me some feedback?

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