Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catching Up

WOW!  Has time flown by!  I've been super busy and it seems never get a chance to sit and catch up with my blog.  I've wanted to add some pictures too and seems if I do have time, I'm not near my camera.  So today it is!  LOL

Let's do the weight thing 1st and get it done.  I gained 2.4 pounds 2 weeks ago.  UGH.  I've been experiencing terrible pain again with my left arm so I called the doctor and she prescribed an anti-inflammatory and recommended I keep my arm in a tennis elbow brace to try to remind myself to rest my arm as much as possible.  She knows Emma lives with us and how difficult that is.  So I've not done anything different in my eating and have been walking when I can and to have a gain that big was really hard.  My feet and hands have been swelling so I know it's the medicine.  My feet actually hurt like they hadn't since I started WW.  NOT good.  I lost .6 this week so that at least went in the right direction.  I saw the doctor again yesterday and am not taking the medicine anymore.  Besides the side effects, it's not working in helping with the pain. I'm not scheduled to see an orthopedic doctor on June 7th and will be scheduling a MRI this next week.
I went to 3 WW meetings this week to issue the invitation to other members to join us on Sunday, June 6th at 9:30 a.m. to walk a 5k at Penn Middle School.  I'd been promising Kelly for over a year that I'd attend meetings with her to talk about my loss.  It's one thing to sit and blog about myself, but it's another to stand in front of your fellow WW and talk about yourself.  We're each in it together though.  I took something away from each meeting which gave me a push of motivation.  Still plugging away to that 9 pounds now til goal!

We've been traveling each weekend with Zach's bagpipe band.  2 weekends ago we spent the entire weekend in Lexington Park/Prince Frederick Maryland.  For the 1st time since Zach joined the band, they came in 1st place and were recognized as such.  (They'd placed 1st last year but it wasn't until after the awards were awarded that it was discovered that they were in 1st not another band.)  Here's a picture of him, Amy, and Emma celebrating afterward. (OK so Emma was sleeping)  It was Emma's 1st festival and she did GREAT.  Even though it was a drizzly, cold miserable day.  It was SO nice to getaway. 

Here's 1 of the whole winning band!

Then the next weekend we spent a Saturday in Bridgeport, West Virginia and again they placed 1st.  WOOHOO!  Now we'll not compete again until the end of June.

My cutiepie, Emma, is just growing and changing so much.  She's holding her head up nice, holding her toys, sleeping through the night (most nights), chattering away to us and she's found her piggies.  Here's a few pictures of her.  The 1st one is the day she went for her 3 month pictures at Target.  Every one of them was so stinking cute!

Last picture I'll share is one of a card I made a while back.  Yep, actually had time to make a card.  LOL

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Melissa S said...

Congrats to your son and his band!! Beautiful card too! Emma is getting so big. She is so beautiful. Keep at the WW you'll get there I know it. REST YOUR ARM!!!