Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Goal in Mind

As I've gone through the past almost 2 years, the entire time people would ask what my goal was.  My answer without fail has been, "To keep losing."  Now however, I find myself with a real goal.  7 pounds to go. Tonight I officially hit 161 pounds lost since I lost 1.2 this week.  Kelly asked what has kept me going this long to which I answered that as I've lost it fueled my fire within myself to keep losing.  I've liked how good I feel now(with the exception of a sore arm...explained later) and the clothes I can wear.  I can't say I like how my body looks because I have a difficult time looking at myself and not seeing all the baggy skin I have around my knees or under my arms.  I also grab the middle of my belly that still has way too much roundness for my liking.  Aren't we our own worse enemies though?  Amy and I will go shopping and I won't like a pair of shorts because I can see the skin flab sticking out and she'll say....but you see that but others won't even notice when they look at you.  I can't imagine going shopping for a bathing suit.  With a pool here and a vacation scheduled at the beach (thank goodness for income tax returns) I'm going to need a few suits so somehow I'll have to get through that.

My other goal I set was also one which is more of a reward.  When I make my goal weight I want my WW friends, and all my other friends and family to meet me at the Dairy Queen for a sundae to celebrate.  I couldn't and wouldn't be doing it without huge support in my life.  Even tonight my Mom still said to me...keep up the good work.  So if you're a friend who doesn't happen to live close, stay posted because I'll let you know and PLEASE go to your local ice cream eatery and have a sundae thinking of me and help celebrate.  It won't be for a bit yet, but I'll let you know.

The sore arm is actually that old sore arm that has been hurting since November.  The doctor says it's tendinitis and if you remember, I did a double dose of steroids in January and it felt SO much better.  Well, it's been aching pretty bad again, so I called her yesterday.  She's prescribed a stronger pain pill and wants me to wear a tennis elbow brace to remind myself to rest it more.  So far it's only making me very tired and not taking away the pain.  Julie made me laugh tonight when she said I'm wearing the brace for sympathy.  LOL  But Linda hit the nail on the head when she said.....don't you hate...you lose all this weight and feel better to only have something else hurt.  How true!

How are YOU?


Melissa S said...

Way to go!! Let me know when you want me to have that DQ sundae! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

Lydia said...
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