Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sign Up and No Weigh In

Last night I went to Kim's and signed up to be a SU demonstrator.  YAY!  Except right now I'm only planning on doing as a hobby demo which means for myself.  That can always change in the future which is part of what I love....the flexibility of the company to grow and change as you do.  Being with the Stampin' Sisters on Saturday really inspired me.  I've found that even though I've been incredibly busy the last few days, stamping is constantly on my mind.  Kim's a HUGE inspiration also and goodness am I fortunate that she's come into my life.  Not only because she's so willing to share her talent but because she's an awesome person!
Our WW mtg. was canceled this week since the church where it's held had a function.  I originally planned on attending another meeting tonight but woke up with swelled feet, on very little sleep and a need to spend some time at home.  Only problem was it didn't work out that way.  Found out my cousin and her husband are visiting from VA Beach so I headed out to one aunt's to visit with them.  I took Emma who was a bit clingy and fussy because she had shots today. (Poor baby!)  We sat on my aunt's deck outside and had a great visit.  (Sending a big WOOHOO out to Jackie since I heard you've joined the WW family)  I LOVE my family time.  It was worth being tired again tomorrow cause I'm running on empty.  Well, OK, if I'd sleep some it would help....darn arm!
Emma weighed 14.3 pounds and is a bit over 24 inches long.  Such a sweetheart!
I'm heading to my one sisters this Friday to see my nephew graduate on Saturday.  Go Bryan!  LONG trip for a very short visit since we'll have to head home on Sunday since Zach has 2 parades on Monday morning.
Did I mention I'm SO ready for summer!

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