Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Tonight's WW meeting was very enlightening for me in a few ways.  The topic this week is about traveling and how to manage while away.  We also  had quite a few people share how they'd gone on vacation recently and how they stayed on track and actually lost when returning.  I then posed to the group that the hot fudge sundae wasn't my problem but the crab legs at the all you can eat buffet are my problem.  Knowing I can stay away from the fried foods there (YUCK) and not needing the butter on them.....I want the crab legs.  When we kept talking I realized it's not the crab legs that are the problem, it's the traveling itself.  What to eat while in the car when everyone else is eating garbage and our choice of a quick dinner is fast food.  Knowing I can have salad there but using more points that I would typically and not feeling full.  It's more about the STRESS I am putting on myself to be at lifetime weight come July 27th.  Someone asked what would be the worst thing if I don't and I had to admit that I'd feel like a failure.  There were many moans but I can't help how I feel.  Yes, I've worked darn hard the last 2 years HOWEVER it's not easy.  It's never easy.  Will it ever be easy?  Probably not.  I have food issues.  Obviously.  Look at where I started.  Kelly rightly told me I have to focus on all the positives I've had and she's right.  I take this all one day at a time and vacation should be no different.  I've been lazy lately and it's showing.  I gained .2 this week.  Nothing big thank goodness but I have to do better and I can.  It's just like the people I told about a few posts ago, I can't let others failure affect me.  I can't allow negative thoughts to take over  I won't let them!

I still have 10 days until we leave so stress be gone!  There's no room for you to be packed in the suitcase or take up residence in my body.  :-)

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