Sunday, June 27, 2010


I had  the most amazing WW mtg this past week.  I'm just sorry I'm only now blogging about it.  It seems that for days off I'm busier than ever!

At our meeting, Kelly started the meeting recognizing those who had done well in the week.  (NOTHING good to report from me...I gained)  Then she starts gathering people and giving them things such as pom poms and those poppers that shoot paper out and noise makers.  She asked for a suggestion and someone suggested they sing when the Saints Come Marching In to which someone quickly chirped in to change the words to When the Pounds go Melting Off.  It was extremely cute and I know I turned 12 shades of red.  See, Kelly had planned this to mark my 2 years of being a Weight Watcher.  She also wrote this poem which Susan read.

Two years ago Denise was skeptical you see...
Would WW work she asked me?
It was her friend Judi who asked her to come and join us all for some WW fun!!!
Week by week, at each meeting Denise would be,
She had turned into a role model for her group and WW family!!!!
There have been milestones reached, 5K's and Lose for Good,
and Denise has persevered like a WW should!!!
Ups and Downs oh you bet,
but Denise was as determined as you can get!!!!!
Denise we wanted you to know, we are all so happy for you on your special day,
and we will support you the rest of the way!!!!!!

It was VERY special and many at the meeting spoke at how I've inspired them.  With gifts and cards from a few, I was indeed humbled.  I thanked them from the bottom of my heart because they each inspire me!
What a week!!!!  Thanks Kelly :-)

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Summer Loving Gal said...

UGHHHHHHHHHHH Melissa...I hit reject instead of publish on your comment!!!

But you're right....I do have some very special friends. I'm richly blessed :-)