Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ever notice the comments people say to you?  Sometimes I know I get caught with wishing I'd not said something...but wow!  The biggest one I've heard this week is having someone congratulate me on meeting goal and then asking if I intend to lose more.  SLAP me in the face will ya!  WOW!  Brought back all those feelings that what you do isn't good enough.  There's been another comment made to me which really hurt and I can't even put it into words because I don't want to justify it.   It seems that some people don't want you to be successful.  It must make them feel better when you're failing yourself.  I don't know.  I'm really trying hard though to not let it bring me down.  Amy and I went shopping yesterday for bathing suits and typically I'd be focused on the sagging arm skin or around my knees.   I can tell you honestly that I never noticed it and I tried on a LOT of suits.  Instead I was able to see the suits that actually made me look thin and be excited about that.
I guess I'm no longer giving someone else the power to hurt me with words.  It still stings and occasionally hurts, but I'm not letting it drag me down where it's what I believe.  It's not easy but nothing that's worth having is easy.


Melissa S said...

You just keep holding you head up! You are nothing less than amazing!!!!

Kim said...

You are awesome!! Congrats again on making your goal, but more importantly for being YOU!!

Summer Loving Gal said...

Thanks Melissa and Kim!