Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tonight with a loss of 5.6 this past week (WOW) I made goal.  One week shy of 2 years since I began this journey.  My knees instantly began shaking and I thought I'd have to sit down.  Kept the tears to a minimum as I went out then and called hubby and my Mom.  It's still an overwhelming thought.  When I walked in that meeting 2 years ago, I NEVER NEVER NEVER thought I'd ever stick with it and it would work let alone that I'd be able to lose this amount of weight.  All along my theory has always been to keep losing.  I never put a number value on it.  I remember when I hit 100 pounds last year and how emotional it was.   To accomplish something that you thought you could never do is mind boggling.  Instead I made up my mind I COULD do it and I DID do it!  It's not always been easy.  There have been so many times I wanted some type of food or drink that while I knew I could have, I'd not like the results at the scale so I'd skip them.  I often hold both hands out and say....piece of cake on one hand....and the other hand....lose weight.  I choose to lose weight.  I can't tell you how wonderful I feel to have made that choice and to stick with it.
So tonight I thank Judi for showing me the way to Weight Watchers.  Watching her achieve success and her holding my hand as I went to that first meeting scared to death to get on a scale in front of someone and have to face that number.  I thank Debi and Donna who were full of enthusiasm as they showed me that larger amounts of weight could indeed be lost with this program.  I wanted to be them and now I'm proud to say I am.  I thank Mr. Danser who kept me motivated to try to get ahead of him to reach the 100.  He beat me but that's OK cause he started before me and we were both glad to have reached that milestone.  I thank Winnie would is the kindest person to weigh you in.  She'd cheer me on in her quiet way each week and if it was an off week she'd be like it's OK it happens.  She's does happen.  I never gave up though.  I wanted to get back there the next time and show her I could still do it.  Debbie was the same way when she would weigh us in.  Unfortunately, the numbers have been down lately so she hasn't worked at our meeting for a while.  Lastly, there's Kelly.  You've all read how wonderful I think Kelly is.  I could repeat it over and over again.  She inspires me when I think that there's no inspiration left in me.  She knew that today would come.  I'm glad thrilled.....she was there to share that moment.
Finally, there's all the friends I've made both online and at my meetings who I've come to know.  They all inspire me to keep taking this journey and I thank them. My family has been incredibly supportive.  Even my son tonight told me good job.  I look forward to all the new memories we'll make as I now move ahead, healthier and so much happier.


Melissa S said...

\0/ <----me jumping up and down in my excitment for you. You are awesome and a wonderful inspiration!!

Summer Loving Gal said...

awww thanks Melissa :-)