Sunday, June 6, 2010

Walk Today

Woke up to Tornado Warnings.  Am watching a storm come across from Ohio.  Tornado warning is set to expire at 9:00 with the walk at 9:30 but I do think we will get wet.
At a time where I'm already sick....UGH!
Keep your fingers crossed for us so that hopefully the weather holds off until we are finished.

EDIT:  We had about 40 people show up to walk.  Linda and I thought we'd have to cancel or at least
reschedule, however, Kelly came with her family, and we went ahead and got things ready.  She was prepared to hand out the drawings.  As it turned out, we had BEAUTIFUL weather.  Buddy and I were the last to pull out of the parking lot and it began raining just as we did.  Everyone commented how nice it was and we enjoyed walking with one another.  YAY

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