Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chug chug chug

Many times I feel like the Little Engine that Could.  The only difference is I no longer say I think I can....I instead say I KNOW I can!  Lost 1 pound last week.  Now I need to lose 1.6 to meet goal.  It's quickly approaching my 2 years since I signed up at WW and I'd love to meet this goal before then.  It's in MY power so we'll see what the week brings.  Emma now has the sickness I have.  We took her to the doctor this afternoon.  Chest and ears sound good.  I feel HORRIBLE that I gave it to her.  Called and got some cough medicine for myself yesterday.  I also saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday.  He gave me a shot in the shoulder containing cortisone and 2 other meds.  It hurts like heck today!  He says he thinks I have such arthritis that it's inflamed my  shoulder joint causing irritation to the tendons around it.  I'm to also go to physical therapy so I need to look into that. 
It's been a long day with the day spent at the Pittsburgh Zoo (awesome day to go...had a fabulous time), then doctor, then WW where we partied to celebrate Kelly and all she brings to our meetings.  Over and over I kept hearing women tell her too that they'd gone to other meetings and it wasn't working for them until they came to our meeting and met Kelly.
I'm all over the place with my thoughts.  I'm SO SO tired.  So I apologize.  Waiting for summer break to start so I can have some time to myself to stamp and get myself all situated with my SU stuff.
Last I leave you with something that left such an impression on me.  Shirley, a woman from the Gbg. meeting, came to our walk on Sunday.  I found out tonight she planned on doing 1 mile of the walk.  Well, she did 2!!!  I walked the last piece with her and she was so happy to have walked 2 miles and I asked her if she could have done that before and she said no....and the smile on her face that she'd accomplished this will stay with me for a long time.  It's that feeling I wanted to share with someone because I experienced it last year.  She made my day and week.  THANKS SHIRLEY and keep on going cause you are going GREAT!

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