Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amy's Birthday

I won't be attending WW tonight since it's Amy's birthday today and I'm having some people over early for her cake and ice cream since Zach has to be at work at 5.  We went to the Waterfront last night for her birthday dinner.  She'd picked Uno Chicago Grill.  It was yummy.
It's been incredibly busy here.  We had our demo mtg. on Saturday so I had swaps to do for that one and now I'm working on 100 swaps to get done for this Friday when I attend the Baltimore Regionals for Stampin' Up!  There are 8 of us going and I can't wait but oh so much to do before then.  Will post pictures of my cards once I get home.
Until then, work still awaits!  Hope YOU are well!
Happy 20th Birthday, Amy!  :-)

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