Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baltimore Regionals

I want to share some of my pictures and experiences from the Stampin' Up! Baltimore Regionals which I attended yesterday.  I traveled with 7 of my Stampin Sisters on a very rainy Thursday to Baltimore.  We arrived later than we anticipated and then played a game with our catalogs that our fabulous uplines had us searching high and low through for prizes. They also had some awesome gifts for us. Then we headed to dinner and afterward headed back to our rooms to meet and do some shoebox swaps.  What fabulous ideas everyone had!
Yesterday morning we got up early and headed to the Baltimore Convention Center.  We swapped cards with other demos while waiting in line.  Dummy me forgot my nametag so I had to stand in the longer line.  Went inside and traded swaps until mine were all gone.  As I went back to our table, a lady approached me telling me she follows my blog but had never left a comment.  She'd thought of emailing me but hadn't.  I have to tell you, Betty, you made my day!!!  I've always said I blog for myself but it's sure nice to know someone reads what you type.  It's like Kelly will tell never know who you might touch with your story if you tell it.  Before the day was over I had to have a picture taken with please visit Betty's blog: Stamps - More or Less to see some beautiful cards and a genuinely nice person.  Even though her eyes were closed and my hair is a we are:
The speakers were just awesome, the cards inspirational, and I won a stamp set!  Plus 2 of my stampin' sisters, Jana and Jenny both won the main prize for fabulous cards.  WOOHOO!  Only problem was that right after the convention was over, Jenny had to be taken to the ER.  Unfortunately, she experienced some more problems today and I've not heard how she is and I'm waiting to find out.  Her husband met the car she was in to get her to the hospital again today. 
Here are the 2 winners Jenny and Jana:
Here's a picture of all 8 of us(thanks Glenda):

Front: Heather, Kim, Lynne (our FABULOUS uplines...bowing down!)
Back: Laura, Jana, me, Kimberly, Jenny
Here's my roomie, Kimberly, and I:

Last, I can't say enough kind things about how wonderful Kim, my upline, is....she's 
so generous, kind, giving and supportive I just love her.

I promise to show some pictures of my cards and projects soon.
 We had some bumps along the way but what a TERRIFIC time it was.
Bad hair and all!
Just sayin'


Kim said...

This is why I love Stampin' Up! the most because of awesome friends who have become like family! Denise, you make all of our Stampin' Sisters events better just by your positive presence. Thank you for all you do and for being you.

Selene Kempton said...

It looks like you ladies had a blast!

Jessica said...

There is nothin wrong with your hair! My boyfriend often cuts mine, and cut a chunk out of the top of my crown the last time. I now look like 'Alfalpha'! Any way, I was reading about your Baltimore experience and I have a question. What is a shoebox swap?
It sounds like y'all had a wonderful time.

Jessica said...

Well, goodness, how is Jenny now? I'll send up a prayer for her.

Also, while reading this post the badge for Stephanie's Stamps of Life, is too big. It reached into the post, instead of being beside it. Covered half the area about the lady you met who'd been following your blog. Any way, take care, Hugs Jess

Summer Loving Gal said...

Thanks Kim! Selene, we DID have a blast. And make me laugh! Alfalpha! hehehe Poor Don too! A shoebox swap is where you make a card or project for everyone in the group and all the supplies and tools you need. I actually fit mine into a shoebox. :-)

Thanks for the comments everyone!