Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tonight's meeting was about what would it take to help you be more successful.  It also touched on those in your life who you look to for support.   We also included those who try to sabotage us.  It made me think back especially to the past year.  While I've accomplished a lot with my weight loss, it did come at a price of sorts.  When I lost 100 pounds someone I thought was one of my best friends, asked what I weighed.  When I answered "100 pounds less than I did" she said, "that's not what I asked" and I replied "well, that's the answer you are getting."  I know it might have sounded like I was being abrupt, but my loss was never about the numbers.  It was always just about losing.  Yes, I was shooting for an end result number, but I didn't focus on those numbers as I was losing.  That particular person and I quit talking right after that.  Though I know many would say she wasn't a true friend, at some points in my life, she knew me better than anyone.  Another person who I grew very close to asked us to do something and then didn't give us the final details when the time was upon us.  Instead we were left behind like we didn't matter.
Both these relationships have been a real loss in my life.  I treasure my friends.  I truly believe that we need friends to get us through the rough spots in life and to be there to lend support in any situation.  Those two friends haven't been there for the rough spots or to give support and tonight it just has hit me really hard that they haven't.  I'd do anything for my friends, would you?

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