Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Blahs to AWESOME

Well, as life would have it, the stress of running back and forth to the hospital with being back to work and making sure Emma was also taken care of has all caught me.  I now have a cold, which I hate!  I have no patience for being sick.  My Dad stopped over tonight and told me my Mom is feeling the same way.  She wants to just pop up and do as she was used to, and her body isn't cooperating.  She will see the cardiologist on Thursday so hopefully she'll have a bit more freedom than she currently does. 
I didn't go to WW tonight.  I weighed in last week and was up point 2.   Not bad considering the week and weekend I'd had.  Tonight I just couldn't move off the couch to go.  I didn't sleep well last night and I'm tired.  It was a struggle even getting through the day.  Emma is in bed already so I'll be getting my clothes ready and putting on my pjs soon to just watch some tv.  I went to the gynecologist this morning and have to have some tests done once I schedule them.  If I just ignore the scripts think it will all just go away????  Nice try huh?
Just waiting on my Stampin' Up! order to come in so I can start my cards for the Baltimore Regional.  So I need to get better QUICK! 
Last, a special shout out to the awesome Kim!  Not only is she my fantastic upline, she's also on a roll with setting herself some healthy goals and exercising and eating right to be ahead of where she wanted to be.  You GO KIM!  I'm super proud of you.
How are YOU?

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Kim said...

Thank you! You are the best and my motivator. Get rid of that cold -- we're only supposed to swap cards, not germs. LOL!