Friday, September 3, 2010

Mom's Surgery

I spent the entire day yesterday at the hospital waiting for doctors to come in to give us answers only to walk away last night with not all of them.  We did find out that Mom does NOT have a major blockage in caratoid artery and will not need surgery on it.  However, she is in atrial fibrillation and has Brady Tach Syndrome where her heart beats too fast or way too slow actually pausing a few seconds.  So the cardiologist recommended that we do an electraphysiology test which would indicate if a pacemaker was necessary.  Called the nurses station first thing morning for no info and then 1/2 hr later am on phone with Mom and very quickly it comes through that she will have this surgery today but no idea what time to it's going to be around 10 am.  So Dad and I rushed up to the hospital to find they had already taken her.  She also needed another test where they go down the throat to see if there are any blood clots in the heart and to try to put the heart back into regular rhythm.  Well, Mom's heart paused 2-3 seconds indicating to them immediately that the pacemaker was necessary and she had one put in.  Surgery was around 2 hours long and then we waited probably another 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs to see her.  She's doing very well though and I was shocked at how good she looked.  Her arm is in a sling to remind her to not use it.  I think when I left, she was beginning to feel a little pain but she was using the pain medication.  We'd been told if she had the surgery she'd go home the next day but right now we are very unsure about that.  The nurse tonight told me that because she's started new medication they may keep her to make sure she doesn't have a reaction to it.  Mom did NOT like that news!
So Dad and I will head up in the morning to watch the videos with Mom about pacemakers and learn what needs done.  Then we'll go from there.
Thanks to those of you who have said prayers and left kind words.  It means a lot, especially right now when I'm pretty much exhausted.

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! Sweetie, I will pray for you all. I'm glad they've gotten a handle on the problem. But it's awful that they don't come to you to tell you what's happening. It's as though they don't realize their patients have families who care about them. Well,at least you're on the up side now. You're in my heart.