Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Mom

Yesterday I had just put the baby down for a nap when my Dad popped in to tell me my Mom passed out at work and he was taking her to the hospital.  After texting all 3 of my sisters, and getting my youngest sister set out to find them...we both ended up at the hospital at the same time and spent the evening at the ER as they ran tests on Mom.  Her blood work and CAT scan were OK but they wanted her to stay for observation.  So we convinced her she was staying.  She had a bunch more tests run today to which turned out her carotid artery is 70-99% blocked (they can't tell until in there) and the doctor will be in in the morning to talk to her.  Then tonight her pulse rate went very low so a cardiology consult was called in so they will stop in tomorrow.  Talking to the nurse tonight (she was GREAT!)  she told us that if the doctor sees her tomorrow almost always he does surgery the next day.  My Dad had him for his surgery (both sides eventually) and we liked him a lot.  So now we wait until tomorrow to see what happens.  Trying to keep everyone informed and also adjust to being back to work and I'm losing the battle in sleep.
So no WW this week.  Will hopefully weigh in next week for the beginning of the month.  Last I checked I was doing good.
Please say a prayer for my Mom.  I do appreciate it deeply!


Yendee said...

Hi! God bless to your mom and to your family :-)

Jenny Young said...

I am praying for your mom and your family. Hang in there.