Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sorry I've not been posting more often....this is very unlike me.  It's just that now I'm back to work again full time and with watching Emma other times, I find time for myself very limited.  I did finally just a bit ago go through all my stamps and find out which had been retired and which were still current.  I now have all my stuff divided into SU current product....and all other products.  I'm going to be attending the Baltimore Regional at the end of Sept. and want to have cards so I can swap so I need to start thinking hard about what to do.  Seems when I am looking at other blogs that I'm trying to get some ideas for my roommate while we're gone because it's a tradition to exchange gifts.  That one has really had me in a tailspin.
I'm still maintaining below my goal weight.  I had gained a pound 2 weeks ago and last week I skipped out on weighing because I was all bloated.  The scale has been kind the past few days so hopefully it continues and I'll weigh again on Tuesday.  It really is my intention to weigh in almost every week.  Even when I gained I figured I had to face the consequences.  I'm still trying to find that fine line of increasing eating without gaining.  Considering I still want to lose, I should probably not do that yet.
On to my inspiration stories.  If you're a person who stops in here regularly you'll know that I don't take compliments well.  At all.  On my 1st training day I had 2 weeks ago, I approached my old assistant in the morning and she told me if I had walked by her she'd not have known me.  So she was talking with the girls I used to work with and another approached me after lunch and told me that I had inspired her.  She has done WW before and been successful but with an illness of her husband and added stresses she had gained back.  She said looking at me and seeing what I'd done she knew she could also do it and was going back to a meeting that Saturday.  Another girl from the same group also approached me after lunch and came up apologizing.  She said she'd assumed I had had gastric bypass and she was sorry she'd not given me more credit and how she admired that I'd done it on my own.  That REALLY made me feel good.  It's nice to have people look at me and have it register I am who I am and see the shock on their face.  Since I still don't look in the mirror and see someone that different, I guess it's nice when others do notice.  So it forces my hand in a small way to accept that compliment because I AM proud of what I've done.  It's NOT easy but it's SO worth it.
As I also told 2 different people this do this for YOU.  When you start doing it for anyone else you will fail.  It was time that I find myself important enough to do it.  And I couldn't be more glad I did!

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