Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finding the Balance

Finding the balance of maintaining continues to be a struggle.  I gained 1.8 pounds this past month.  Now I've had some things that I know I wouldn't have normally, but again, I'm trying to find that middle ground of having the occasional treat with following my normal healthy eating.  Obviously, I'm not doing so well at that.  It's a bit frustrating especially with the holidays soon to begin.  I am making it a goal to get to the gym at least 3 times a week.  I went last night and it felt good.  See, I'm also on a jury this week.  I had jury duty on Monday and was chosen to be part of the jury.  The judge has informed us that the trial will last until Friday.  So the stress of having all this information circling my head, not being at work and knowing I have things that need to be done there, and still helping with Emma...........well, know maybe you will understand better why the gym felt good last night.  Tonight I'm about exhausted so I will keep this short.
If you are working toward maintenance and have any words of wisdom, please do share.  I could really use that extra motivation right now.

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Anonymous said...

You're got lots going on now, but it sounds like you have a plan in exercising. I don't have any words of wisdom, but have friends who step up their exercise during the holidays tend to maintain. And I think it's wonderful that you are so aware of all this and want to do something. That's half the battle. I know you will do it, because you have proven that in the past!! Pics were beautiful of Emma - brought back lot so memories!