Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Since I've done a very poor job of posting as of late, I thought I better write now while I have the chance.  Merry Christmas to each of you who stops by to read.  Thank you for that.
A quick note also----the new plan for Weight Watchers has done exactly what I hoped it would do for me.  It has made me refocus again on what I'm eating instead of just taking it for granted.  There are many changes and though it's not easy it works!  I had put on about 6 pounds over Thanksgiving and the baptism time and I was able to get it all back off and even lose from last month when I weighed in.  So I'm extremely pleased.  This is a difficult time of the year.  Just today I commented to someone that I can finally see how I had gotten to the place I was before I lost this weight.  I've been indulging in the appetizers at work and at friends houses lately and of course, I'm watching the scale go up again.  Before I didn't watch the scale and just plain didn't care what I weighed.  Now I know that although it's going up I can get a grip on it and with sticking to the plan again tomorrow and the upcoming days, I CAN indulge occasionally even if at times I feel like I border on out of control.  I'm NOT going back to where I was.  EVER.   So I won't deny myself everything like I've done in the past, however, I do try to limit it some and if I don't, I know tomorrow is a new day and I'll try again then.
Wishing you all many blessings and hopefully lots of time with your family to make memories to last a lifetime.  Remember too that JESUS is our reason for this season and we celebrate his birth.  What a true blessing we've all been given.

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Melissa S said...

Merry Christmas to you Denise!! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a bright and happy New Year!