Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday

Dear Emma,

It seems hard to admit that it's now been one year since your Mommy and Daddy brought you into the world.  From that first moment I saw you I fell deeply in love with you.  Every day I've been blessed to have you be part of my life so that I can watch you grow.  I'm constantly amazed at what you're doing at just one year old.  You are walking all over the place, climbing stairs and coming back down them, opening drawers and even the refrigerator.  You pretend play with your little kitchen with me and we eat "soup" as we play.  You even offer to share with me.  Although you don't say many words, you are finding a way to make your wants known.  You also have quite a little temper when you don't get what you want.  But as you grow hopefully you will understand that it's all out of the love I have for you to keep you always safe.
I love our snuggle time together and how your face lights up when you first see me each day.  I hope that never changes and we always have a close relationship.  I will always be here for you to come to no matter what it might be.  I hope that life has minimal bumps in it for you (yes, unfortunately, everyone has bumps) and that you'll always be our sweet little girl.  Your smile can light up a room and your giggles make us smile.  Your beauty shines no matter where we go.
Happy 1st Birthday, my dear Emma.  May you always be blessed and happy from the tip of your head down to those beautiful little piggies I so love.  You give my life new meaning and I can't imagine not having you and sharing your joy.
I LOVE YOU, EMMA MARIE!  Happy Birthday!

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