Thursday, March 10, 2011


Another week gone by....where DOES the time go?  Still wavering up and down with my weight but not giving up or in.  This maintaining thing sure is difficult.  Especially when you've gain just a bit and need to take it back off.  My bit is still just a bit and won't become more...I won't let it.
Lots of stress in my life again.  Uncertainty over jobs with both my hubby and myself.  Although I'm trying to not worry too much that is often easier said than done.  All we can do at this point it hand it over to God and trust in him that it's all going to work out.
Please keep my cousin Judy in your prayers.  She's going through some very difficult times right now. 
Sending out a special hug to you if you're reading this and somehow seem to still come back to read my ramblings.  Thank you!

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