Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today I finally did it.  I saw another orthopedic doctor and have been scheduled to have my shoulder repaired.  I've been experiencing pain for well over a year and have finally decided to go forward with the surgery in the hopes that the constant throbbing I feel in my arm goes away.  I can't say I'm not already VERY nervous because I am.  The surgery isn't until the Wednesday before Easter so I'll have a few extra days off without losing sick days.  It will all depend on what she has to do when she goes in on how long my recovery will be.  We're hoping she'll just go in and clean out the arthritis, bone spurs and other growth so that it won't be as extensive of a recovery period.  She won't know until she goes in if I have a rotator cuff tear but she doesn't believe I do.  I hope that is the case since it will definitely change my recovery.  I am hoping to return to work the following Tuesday even though I will probably be in a sling.
This hasn't been an easy decision.  With watching Emma I've put it off this long and I could continue to put it off.  However, the pain limits how I move my arm and how much I can do so with losing the weight that held me back for years, I don't want anything else to hold me back.
I'm sure I will stress extensively before the surgery.  I'll need to decide on whether to have a nerve block and all that and the pain makes me very apprehensive.  Considering how things continue to be up and down with both mine and hubby's jobs, it's bound to be a stressful time.  The answer is NOT food!  :-)
(repeating to myself over and over)
How's life for YOU?

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