Saturday, April 9, 2011

Heart Ache

My heart aches to the point I won't be typing much today.  If you don't see posts from me for a while you will know why.  My kids are moving out in about a week.  While they aren't going far (2 houses and across the road) it's just the idea I won't see Emma all the time.  I also KNOW that it's for the best and they need to be on their own and I even agree...but my heart aches.  I can't talk or think about it without the tears pouring down my face and feeling like I'm going to start sobbing out of control.  It was also hubby's last day of work yesterday...30 years and moving on.  It was difficult for him...more than I think he would like to admit.  He went camping this weekend with Scouts which I think was for the best.  I've been working on baby shower favors and the invites tomorrow need addressed to go in the mail on Monday.  The shower is May 22nd but I need to have it all done since I don't know what is ahead.
My surgery is scheduled for the 20th and we'll see what that brings.
If you don't see me here, you know.

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