Friday, August 5, 2011

Five More

Go to My Little Life to get in on these fun questions and be added to her Mr. Linky.  I've found some great blogs that way.  :-)

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?  I have 3 younger sisters.  I'm pretty close with 2 of them though the one we don't talk often.  I just got home on Monday from a trip to the one sister's in Indy.  Saw the sister from Charlotte while we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach.  I'm ALL about family!

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?  UNDER hands down.  Being OVER will be a life struggle for me.  One I'm not winning these days either by the way.

3. What's your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?  I've never been to a State Fair so I can't say.

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?  I hate it!  LOL  Of course, that's because it means I'll also be going to school in a few weeks and I feel like summer just started and there's so much I've not been able to do.  Mostly swim in our pool and it's been a very warm summer!

5. Pool or Ocean?  Just saw this question on Facebook this week and answered it as such:  OCEAN if it was only closer but because it's not the POOL.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE water!  I've not been home from the ocean long and I miss it terribly already.

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