Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to you and your families.  May it be one of good health, happiness and prosperity.

Today I've come to some "resolutions" of things I want to make happen for myself.  Jumping on the scale and seeing I'd be way off saying I'd put on 50 pounds when it's more like 75.  That was a hard hit!  I worked SO hard at being successful at Weight Watchers and I've really fallen off track the past 6 months.  Yes, the majority of that I put on in 6 months.  I've had virtually no exercise.  No walking, no gym, no nothing.  So that's all got to change in this new year.  For ME.  I'm very unhappy with how I look and feel having put this weight on.  It's one thing to be fat and just that be how you've been but when you know how it feels to be thinner and to look good....well, this now is just not cutting it.  So I'll be working to make some major changes again.  I'll also be going back to WW meetings.  I KNOW how important they are but I lost making them a priority in my life.

I also look at books longingly and want to spend more time reading, more time stamping and just reclaiming those things that give me joy.

So wish me well.  It's not an easy journey but I hope to climb the mountain and stay at the top this time.

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