Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mess and Stress

My world this week has felt like it's falling apart. Monday night hubby came home to tell me that the business he works at had been sold and not to family but to an outsider. He works for his great uncle who has 2 sons that have been trying to buy the business but couldn't come to agreement on price so their dad sold it to someone else. Without their knowledge. Just came into work on Monday and told the one son what he'd done. The outside guy sent one of his office people over with a computer person to get into the company computer that afternoon and all hell broke lose. It was very ugly with the boss saying he'd change the locks. So hubby went in super early Tuesday to clean out his office in case he was told to get out. It's 4 days later and we're still in limbo. Supposedly the new owner has told others that everything is staying the same and if you wanted to stay you would and if not, he'd rebuild. So we're going day by day now to see what happens. Hubby's cousins aren't happy that he stayed but like hubby said....I have a wife and son and a house...I have to work. It's incredibly stressful though and we feel we are walking on eggshells.

Then as if that wasn't enough, the phone rang yesterday and it was the doctor. My potassium is still extremely low. So she's increased my medicine for 2 days and then back to what it was until Monday when she wants blood work done again. Only problem is that the pill I've been taking that actually took the swelling out of my feet, she doesn't want me taking. She said it's draining me and I'll be dry soon which is very bad. Yesterday my legs hurt so bad and I was so cold all I could do was lay on the couch with a blanket. I feel a little better today although taking a potassium pill every 3 hours is starting to make me gag.

I'm not good at handling stress. I tend to just shut down. Anyone have any good ideas of how they release stress??? Please share.

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Mental Notez said...

I am so, so sorry this is happening to you!!
How about a good book? A movie? Some time spent creating? Chocolate chip cookies? How about start a small 'window' box herb garden!! Oh, I so want to do that!
Anyway, make sure that you don't let it control you! Take control of it! Make some lemonade from those dang lemons!
Thinking of you!