Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Unnecessary Worries

Ever have those times when you worry even though you know you shouldn't?

Today I went to the doctor for a follow up visit concerning a new medicine I had started a month ago. Well, needless to say, the medicine isn't working like it should. So now we have to explore new avenues. She added another medicine which will require me getting my blood drawn weekly. I also have to have an echocardiogram and a test for my carotid arteries. I never have any inkling of problem with my heart, but she wants to make sure. So now I worry for a week or so until I go have it done. I'm going to call in the morning and schedule it. I guess it's human nature to worry even though we suspect nothing.

This week was supposed to start my no stress week. See what happens to the best laid plans!

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Mental Notez said...

Oh no! I will certainly be praying for you! I know that things will be fine, they have to be!
Keep us all up to date!