Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tonight was my Weight Watchers meeting and I lost 4 pounds. Considering I was on vacation last week, I know I should be very pleased but I was very true to the plan. I know I can't lose 10 each week but I wasn't prepared for it to slow down quite yet. I've lost 20.8 in a month which is fabulous so I'm trying to look at it from that angle instead.

Also saw the doctor today and she was VERY pleased at the weight I've lost and said she could see the difference in me. My legs don't have the swelling as high up in them as they did so that is also good. It's nice to know someone can see the difference.

Tonight a good motivator for me has become 2 sisters at the meeting who have lost weight together. One lost 90 pounds and the other 65. I told them it makes me realize that I too CAN do this! They have kept it off for almost 3 years so that is also a great motivator.

Deep down I guess I just want that approval from others and hearing the proudness in my Mom's voice when I tell her I've lost is something big for me too. Without saying anything she's glad I've finally made the effort to do this lifestyle change.

I hope life is good in YOUR corner of the world!

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