Friday, August 8, 2008

Band Camp

This afternoon when hubby is done with work we'll be leaving (again!) for a weekend. My son's band that he plays drums with (SHU PipeBand) do this once a year. They rent this HUGE cabin with tons of bedrooms and we all go there and spend the weekend together. Now mind you, when my son first joined I did NOT go. I relished being home alone that weekend since my hubby would go with him. Then, however, the women of the band and the wives decided that nooooooooo, they wanted me to join them! So last year I sucked it up and went. I had a wonderful time other than the shower (think very small and icky) and the fact that I wanted my bed pushed out from the walls since I saw a spider when we first got there and I didn't want him crawling on me through the night. Are you getting the idea here? I am so NOT a camper.

Now it's time again for our yearly jaunt and this year, well, I just don't want to go. I keep thinking of that icky shower even though I'll only shower once (we come home early enough Sunday that I wait until I'm home.) I also have been stressing about the food since everyone picks all weekend and that is no longer part of what I do. The other stressor is that everyone drinks heavily Sat night and again, I can't do that and watching a bunch of drunks is not fun. Lastly, the Olympics open tonight and I just want to be home watching it on my tv. Did I whine enough yet? I'm sure it will all be fine and Sunday I'll be saying what a great time I had again this year.

I'm going to leave you with a few freebies I've found and wanted to share. Have a SUPER weekend!

Sundance Organic Teas

Degree Deodorant for Men

Always Infinity


Oatmeal Crisp

Gillette High Performance Deep Cleaning Shampoo

Fiber One

Enjoy! A quick update that The Cavaliers came in 2nd last night in the quarterfinals in Bloomington, IN. I sure wish I could see it!

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