Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Oops...the scale went the wrong way last night. Instead of going down I must have found Steve's .8 he lost because that's what I gained. Not a big deal. I've finally accepted that there will be ups and downs along the way. I didn't put this on in one night so I won't take it off in one night. After reaching the 100 pounds lost and NEVER thinking I'd be able to do that, I KNOW I can continue even with these little bumps in the road. One thing I do have to do better is MOVE more. Sometimes though, I admit, life becomes so busy with activities and running here and there that exercise doesn't become a priority. It will have to become one as I continue along this journey.

My Dad is having surgery tomorrow afternoon on his carotid artery so please send out positive thoughts and prayers tomorrow. He had one side done in the fall, and now is having the other side done. He did very well with the last one, so I'm hoping tomorrow goes as well but since it's my parents, I naturally worry.

Thanks again to all those that have offered their support the past week and are genuinely happy with me at achieving this huge accomplishment. I did have one friend say she hates me and now she's not talking to me because I won't tell her my weight, but she'll have to get over it. It's a NUMBER and does not define who I am as a person. The fireworks at our meeting last night were just awesome and as the bracelet says I received from MY motivator....I believe in Miracles....and after succeeding at something I never thought I could, I believe that now more than anything. What a gift I've received! THANKS!


Debi said...

Keep us posted on your dads health. Hope everything goes well. Debi

Donna245 said...

Hope all goes well. I'll be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts today. The meeting this week was fabulous. I know there will be many more fab meetings to come. Keep working toward YOUR goal. We all believe in you.